How to participate?

Who can participate?

Any health organization, be it a hospital, hospital group or health service, can participate in the project.

Points to consider regarding participation in the MAPBM Project

The degree to which the Centre is interested in improving health results by adapting clinical practice with the aim of reducing unnecessary or avoidable transfusion.
The degree to which the Centre is interested in having an annual report and benchmark, which will enable said Centre to carry out a continuous assessment and to monitor the extent to which its Program has been implemented, and scope of same.
The appointment of a Clinical Leader for the project, who will attend the Working Group meetings, co-ordinate the local needs of the project and validate the information.
The involvement of a Head of Information Systems to extract information from the required databases in order to calculate the indicators of the process.
Preliminary validation of the hospital databases to ensure they have been supplied with the necessary information.
A commitment from the hospital management to participate in the project.

Formalising a Hospital’s participation in the MAPBM project

This project should be shared between the Management, the Clinical Leader(s) and the Information systems.
The Service Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement and the Personal Data Processing Agreement between the Hospital and IQVIA for data processing and the preparation of results reports must all be formalised.
The data processing and preparation of reports will not represent any extra cost for the Hospital, as this will be covered by CSL Vifor.

Methodology of assessment cycles