Presentation MAPBM Awards

MAPBM Awards
The MAPBM Awards for good practices in PBM (Patient Blood Management) are held every year by CSL Vifor, within the framework of the MAPBM Program, to acknowledge the hospitals that have best incorporated PBM strategies into their care processes and obtained the best results in terms of safety and efficiency.
The assessment system is based on the one established by the actual MAPBM assessment model, which is comprised of objective indicators of results, process and structure and safeguarded by a Technical Experts’ Committee that is separate from CSL Vifor.
CSL Vifor created these awards with the aim of contributing to development and research in the field of Patient Blood Management.

Field / Scope / Recipients

All the hospitals participating in the MAPBM Program in any given year are, thanks to their very participation in the Program, potential candidates for that year’s MAPBM Awards.
To be a candidate for the MAPBM Awards requires accepting current terms and conditions, and any decisions that the Technical Experts’ Committee might adopt for their interpretation and application, in addition to the waiving of any kind of claim.
In the event that a hospital participating in the MAPBM Program wishes to withdraw its candidacy from the Awards, it must communicate same, in writing, to the MAPBM Program organisation ( at any time prior to the day before the consolidated preliminary results are submitted to the MAPBM working group.

Categories and awards

  • Award for best PBM tertiary Hospital
    • Hospital with Cardiac Surgery with the best results in MAPBM synthetic index
  • Award for best non-tertiary PBM Hospital
    • Hospital without Cardiac Surgery with the best results in MAPBM synthetic index
  • Award for Hospital with the best PBM evolution
    • Hospital with the greatest annual increase in MAPBM synthetic index
Each of the three awards is accompanied by a monetary prize of 6,000€.
Los hospitales ganadores de los Premios MAPBM de buenas prácticas en PBM quedaran exentes de participación de los premios del siguiente año. Una vez pasado el año exento podrán volver a optar a los premios. Estos hospitales pero siguen siendo incluidos en el proyecto MAPBM dónde recibirán como siempre sus resultados anuales
All prize-winning hospitals in the MAPBM Awards for best practices in PBM shall promise to duly fulfil any fiscal obligations deriving from their participation in same.

Technical Experts’ Committee and assessment criteria

The assessment criteria are the MAPBM synthetic index, the composition of which includes a selection of indicators for structure, process and result of the MAPBM model.
The selection of indicators is carried out by the Technical Experts’ Committee, according to:
  • The homogeneity and availability of the indicator at most of the centres
  • The predictive and explanatory capacity of results variability
  • Clinical criteria and criteria of results in health
The composition of the synthetic index will be established and communicated to all participating hospitals prior to the commencement of each MAPBM annual cycle, and will be posted on
The function of the Technical Experts’ Committee:
  • To determine the total array of MAPBM indicators that comprise the MAPBM synthetic index
  • To carry out an annual review of the suitability of the composition based on the emergence of new evidence and/or the updating of national or international guidelines on clinical practice
  • To determine the advisability of establishing exclusion criteria
The Committee structure is comprised of:
  • An expert in PBM and member of the MAPBM working group
  • A representative from a national Scientific Enterprise
  • A representative from an international Scientific Enterprise
  • An expert on the analysis and processing of hospital data
In the event that any of the Committee members should belong to any hospital that is participating in the MAPBM Program, said hospital may not be included as an Award candidate during the period of time in which said member is part of the Committee.

Adjudication and presentation of Awards

The winners of the awards will be notified within two months following the closure and submission of the MAPBM results reports to each of the participating hospitals.
The names of the winners will not be announced until the moment the awards are presented.
The presentation of the awards will take place at the kick-off meeting for the MAPBM cycle for the following year.

Communication rights

The hospitals that win the awards, meanwhile, shall duly agree to cede to CSL Vifor the right to mention their name every time the award granted is published or reproduced in any way.
In all the internal and external communications that the award-winning hospitals, or any third parties unconnected with CSL Vifor might carry out with respect to the MAPBM Awards, CSL Vifor accepts no responsibility for any possible misuse of the award brand, nor for any damages or harm that this might cause to CSL Vifor, the hospital or third parties.

Confidentiality and impartiality of the process

The award’s impartiality is guaranteed by the objectivity of the indicators used, the rigorousness and reliability of the processes established in the MAPBM Program, and the autonomy and objectivity of the members of the Technical Experts’ Committee involved in the process.
Just as CSL Vifor does not have access to any information on the data processed, nor on the results related to MAPBM, neither does it possess the information on the results of the synthetic indexes of the hospitals that are potential candidates for the Awards. CSL Vifor will only have access to information regarding the names of the three award-winning hospitals and the practitioners representing same, for the sole purpose of presenting the Awards.